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English version
£ukasz G³adysiak o Jacek Szafrañski
Mike Koenig
Weighing nearly 70 tonnes, Panzerkampfwagen VI Ausf. The B, today known as the Königstiger, was the largest mass-produced tracked combat vehicle to be used by the line units of the Third Reich army. This legendary vehicle, armed with a long-barrel 88 mm gun, with an armor thickness of 180 mm from mid-1944, was feared in the ranks of the armed forces of the anti-Nazi coalition, although, as has been repeatedly proven, it was by no means indestructible. This publication aims to present the history of the King's Tiger and its tactical and technical advantages, undoubtedly giving it an advantage over other combat vehicles used in the mid-1940s. In order to be able to fully present them, the content also includes examples of a specific combat application of the described heavy tanks, both on the Eastern and Western Front. The whole is enriched by archival photographs and sketches of various versions of the car, useful especially for modellers, equipped with both turret variants dedicated to it - Porsche and Henschel, supported by a dozen painting schemes reconstructed on the basis of archival materials. An interesting addition is the collection of photos of machines preserved in three European museums: Munster Panzer Museum, RAC Tank Museum Bovington and December 44 Museum La Gleize.
New book format: A4 by
80 pages
archival photos
color profiles
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